Locals Only ? No! As can be seen from the above map, the SDWA Ltd does not operate a policy to only allow members in from a certain radius (unlike some clubs). Our current membership stretches from Gloucester to Middlesbrough. So if you reside anywhere from Land End to John O'Groats you may apply to join.
BASC Membership ? The SDWA Ltd is affiliated to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and therefore all members get the full benefits of BASC membership and insurance.
Qualifications ? None, but if you wish to be a shooting member then a current, valid shotgun certificate is a must! Please note that you can join as a non-shooting member. If you are unsure of anything read a copy of the club rules.We abide by the Wildfowlers Code and a read of this will also help.

How Much ?

For £100 Adults (+ £10 joining fee) per year (1st March - 28th Feb) you will get all the benefits enjoyed by our existing club members. A large part of this amount pays your BASC affiliation fee. Unlike some other clubs there is currently no waiting list.

Juniors ? Yes, the SDWA Ltd has 10 places put aside for Juniors. They are available for only £25 (+ £10 joining fee) per year and the benefits are the same as those of a full member. To qualify as a Junior, the Junior's renewal or joining date must precede their 21st birthday. All Junior members must be accompanied by a suitable family member where necessary.
Vacancies ?

Yes, download a membership application form but be aware, applications come thick and fast nearer the start of the season. All new members will receive a new-members pack with maps and general guidelines and help or advice is only a phone call away.

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