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For Sale

Colin Neal - a long standing club member has asked that his collection of shooting equipment be offered for sale to fellow club members. Unfortunately the passage of time has caught up with Colin causing him to retire from shooting.


10g - SbS, 32" barrells, 3 1/2" chamber, AYA EJ, Teague choked (not multi).

12g - SbS, Hammer, 28" Damascus, 2 1/2" chamber, S H Harper. Recently Nitro proofed.

Reloading Equipment.

All lead

8g, 10g and 12g.

Drill, wadding, powder, shot, primers, tools, and load information/recipes

All hand loading.


British Gun Makers 1 & 2

The Complete Wildfowler 1961

Morning Flight - Peter Scott 1941

Wild Chorus - Peter Scott 1944

Loading information

Plus many more Wildfowling books.

Loaded Shells (all lead)

8g -150 in BB & 1s

10g - 100 in 2s

12g - 600 in 1s, 4s & 5s.

Plus various Gun cases and slips.

Colin can be contacted on 07986714991

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