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Wildfowlers Spalding
Wildfowl Spalding Wildfowlers
Spaniels Spalding Wildfowlers
New Members.

Marsh Walk. Sunday July 7th 2024. Shep Whites car park starting at 08:00. All new and prospective members are requested to attend.

Foreshore Shooting

Access to truly wild marshes 7 days a week, 24hrs a day from the 1st September to 20th February (excluding 25th December). The available marshes vary from grazed areas with pools to deep, glutinous creeks. This is the domain of the true wildfowler and is available to all SDWA Ltd members.

If this appeals to you then all you need to do is complete and submit a new member application form. The membership sec will then process your application (there is a maximum number of members). If there are any issues with your application you will be contacted. Please be patient during the membership renewal peak period the membership Sec has a life and a family outside of wildfowling. Please make every effort to attend the new members day.

Once becoming a member, you will also be required to familiarize yourself  with Quarry I.D. One of the most important aspects of wildfowling is being able to identify your quarry as legal, if in doubt do not shoot.

Inland Shooting

The SDWA Ltd co-owns 60 acres of land at Earith, Cambs and is situated at the SW end of the famous Ouse Washes. This prime shooting area is a magnet to wildfowl and peak counts of wigeon can exceed 40,000. SDWA Ltd members have access to this area via a ticket system and a nominal fee.


As a BASC Affiliated club, all our members are covered by the BASC insurance policy. This means you are covered for Third Party Liability, whilst you participate in your chosen fieldsport, to the tune of £10 million. You do not need to be a current member of BASC when you apply to join as this fee is included in your subscription.

Want to Try It First?

If you're not sure that getting up halfway through the night, walking several miles along a seawall in the howling wind and rain, then sitting in a muddy creek for several hours appeals to you, then why not try it first? For a fee of £15 you can obtain a day permit and sample the truly wild sport of Wildfowling. Current BASC membership is required to obtain a permit. If you need a few pointers before venturing onto the marsh, then read the Wildfowlers Code. Still interested? Then  go to the top of the page and "Book Day Ticket". Please note that day tickets will only be issued to guests who must be accompanied during their visit by an experienced full member of the club.

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