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Being a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a Share Capital, a lot of the rules are legal requirements so below are a few of the more relevant ones and any new member will be issued with a full list upon acceptance.



1. Removed - please see full list upon acceptance.
2. The company shall be affiliated to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation
or have another means of having a third-party liability insurance for its members.
3. The maximum number of members of the company is 200, of whom not more than 10% shall be junior
members. Officers may from time to time register an increase or decrease of members.
4. The provisions of section 352 of the Act shall be observed by the Company and every member shall
agree to become a member of the Company.
5. The subscribers to the Memorandum of Association and such other persons as the Company shall admit
in accordance with the provisions hereinafter contained shall be members of the company.
6. Every person wishing to be a member of the company must agree to the following statement: “I wish
to be a member of the company and request you to enter my name in the register of members subject
to the Memorandum of Articles of Association.”
7. The committee may decide whether an applicant shall become, or not become a member of the
8. The privilege of a member shall not be transferable and every member shall cease to be member on the
happening of any of the events following namely:
a. If the member dies or becomes unsound of mind, or if being a company or other statutory body
a resolution be passed or order made for its winding up or dissolution.
b. If the member fails to pay their subscription, unless committee decide otherwise or they are an
honorary member.
c. If the member fails to submit a renewal form.

9. Members shall receive a marsh warden card, rules of the Memorandum of articles of Association of
SDWA Ltd, rules of the Dawsmere Wildfowlers Group and agree to abide by them.
10. Members are responsible for any damage caused by themselves or their dogs whilst shooting.
11. Members may not use rifles on the company’s marshes.
12. No member at any time shall invite a guest or guests to shoot on the foreshore or inland washes without
first obtaining a one-day membership permit.
13. A member shall give no statement to the media unless approved by the committee.
14. All full members shall hold a valid shotgun certificate and abide by the firearms act, junior members must 

abide by the firearms act regarding being accompanied.
15. The general Committee may expel, suspend or otherwise discipline any member for conduct that it
considers to be against the best interests of the company or the sport of wildfowling. The decision of
the committee shall be final, BASC or any other body that the Company is affiliated to shall be notified.
16. When shooting the Company’s inland washes, rules printed on the day permit must be adhered to.
17. Members shall not sell any wildfowl, shot on land leased or owned by the Company.
18. Members must carry their shotgun in a suitable cover when gaining access to land owned or leased to
the Company, through car parking areas and the sea bank.
19. The use and possession of cartridges containing lead shot on land leased or owned by the Company is
20. Members shall submit a shooting record at the end of each season, members who do not submit a
shooting record may be expelled from the Company or other disciplinary action taken.
21. Members shall take no more than ten birds per flight; a flight is from midnight to midday and midday
to midnight. The Committee may at its discretion amend the bag limit at any time in order to limit the
number of any species that may be taken.
22. Members shall carry their membership card when shooting on the foreshore controlled by the company
or neighbouring clubs and shall show it when asked by other members, members of the constabulary
or landowners or their agents.
23. Members may not shoot game or ground game on the company’s marshes.
24. Members must not shoot from the mud, which lies beyond the seaward edge of the saltmarsh.
25. Members shooting on the foreshore should keep to a minimum of fifty metres apart, unless otherwise
26. The use of pedal cycles, motor cycles, and other motor vehicles on the sea bank is forbidden.

1. The name of the Company is Spalding and District Wildfowlers Association Limited.

2. The Registered Office of the Company will be situated in England and Wales.

3. The objects for which the Company is established are:

a) To provide wildfowling and other forms of shooting for the membership.
b) To uphold the rights of its' members as wildfowlers.
c) To help wildfowlers in every possible way to create a spirit of sportsman-like respect.
d) To suppress jealous shooting.
e) To assist in the study of wildfowl.
f) To protect wildfowlers and give assistance, as the Committee may think desirable, to members in support of their rights.
g) To assist the legal protection and preservation of wildfowl and other birds.
h) To suppress poaching and the unlawful killing of wild birds and the dangerous use of sporting guns and rifles.




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